Death Idioms

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rest in power

Meaning: to express extreme respect and honor for a luminary who has passed away,

Example: After his tragic death, many supporters and activists gathered to say, 'Rest in power, our hero.' Read more ➺

beyond the veil

Meaning: refers to something hidden or inaccessible, often beyond understanding or perception.

Example: The true intentions of the politician remained beyond the veil of public scrutiny. Read more ➺

the die is cast

Meaning: implies a point of no return or irreversible change.

Example: When the army crossed the river into enemy territory, they knew the die was cast for the impending battle. Read more ➺

drop dead

Meaning: used to emphasize how charming something or someone is.

Example: Extremely gorgeous: "She walked into the room looking drop-dead gorgeous." Read more ➺

beat a dead horse

Meaning: spend time and effort on things that are hopeless and unchangeable.

Example: Tom still has hope that his wife will come back to him, but he is actually beating a dead horse. Read more ➺

pushing up daisies

Meaning: to be dead and buried.

Example: I'll be pushing up daisies by the time she replies to my proposal. Read more ➺

third degree

Meaning: an interrogation that frequently includes torture in an effort to find the truth or a confession.

Example: The detective put him through the third degree, but he wouldn't break. Read more ➺

death knell

Meaning: cause a system, organization, or activity to fail or come to an end.

Example: The shutdown of the local iron industry tolled the death knell for the village. Read more ➺

scared to death

Meaning: to be extremely afraid or frightened.

Example: A shadow appeared in the doorway and scared me to death. Read more ➺

die hard

Meaning: disappear or change very slowly

Example: This proposal has some radical parts that will die hard. Read more ➺