turn against

turn against

Meaning | Synonyms

  • to change from supporting something to opposing it
  • become hostile towards something
  • stop being friendly to someone
  • lose trust in something or someone
  • change your attitude towards something
  • to defy or revolt against something
  • become antagonistic towards something you formally agreed with

Example Sentences

  1. A section of his supporters turned against him when they heard his latest speech on immigration.
  2. The whole class turned against the teacher when he set double homework.
  3. Katy turned all the girls against Sarah after her terrible behaviour at the party.
  4. He turned his back against the wind and walked slowly down the hill.
  5. He tried to turn the group against me but, luckily, they saw what he was doing.
  6. What has made all the people turn against the government like this?
  7. Her colleague turned the whole board room against her plans in a landslide vote.
  8. When the new owners made so many changes, it turned a lot of the regular customers against them and they stopped shopping here.
  9. Mr. Trump's personal lawyer and close friend, would turn against the president and cooperate with federal prosecutors if faced with criminal charges.
  10. Germans turn against New Year fireworks, amid calls for the ban on it.


Origin is unavailable! This is a phrasal verb meaning to stop or make someone stop being friendly or supportive towards something.

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