turning point


turning point

Meaning | Definition

  • the point after which things become better
  • the time of significant change (mostly positive) in situation
  • a turn of time from where the better way of life or situation starts

Example Sentences

  1. The turning point in the story came when the protagonist lost his sister in a car accident.
  2. I have seen many turning points in my life and don’t believe that only one of them ever became the reason for my success.
  3. The turning point in my relationship came when his mother decided to come to and live with us.
  4. My exit from the company became the turning point of my career and then I established my own firm.
  5. The birth of my daughter was the turning point of my life. It is then that I understood my responsibilities and started working hard to earn more.
  6. The remission at this stage of having cancer was truly the turning point of her life.
  7. I only got hooked to the novel at its turning point. Until then it was quite frankly a little boring.
  8. The turning point of her life had to be her marriage.
  9. The turning point in my relationship with my in-laws was the day I answered their taunts.


The phrase refers to a point after which the situation becomes positively different and hence makes that moment important.


  • boiling point
  • breakthrough
  • U-turn
  • defining moment

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