turn the tables

turn the tables


  • change your position with respect to someone else
  • turning an unfavorable circumstance into one of favor
  • to make one's plan turn back on them
  • causing one's plans to be reversed


  1. After flying back to town I went to Jenna's place uninformed to surprise her & to my amaze she had already planned a party to welcome me. I should have known she is smart enough to turn the tables.
  2. The businessman who was on the verge of bankruptcy turned the tables when he won a million dollar in casino with a few thousands he had.
  3. The activist held a seminar for people to turn the tables in government employees who ask for bribery.
  4. Aria who had been accused of infringement by her competitor, turned the tables on him by presenting the proof of her innocence at the last moment.
  5. It is easy to turn the tables against your rival. You just have to act witty & know their weakness.

Until the medieval 18th century, tables was usually used for the board game backgammon. This phrase was earlier used during mid 17th century, making it significant that it originates from the practice of turning the board so that a player would play at the position that was previously that of their competitor.

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