turn down a glass


turn down a glass


  • to decline something that someone has offered.
  • decline a drink that a person offers. 
  • stop for a certain moment to think about something. 
  • turning down and backing away from a sharp thing. Something that can cut you deep. 
  • to reject.
  • to dismiss.
  • saying stop to a particular item in favor of a more important one. 

Examples in Sentences

1. Turn down a glass, since that event will mark a vital turning point in your life. 

2. My dear friend acknowledged that he had seen the mystic sign, and his achievements in business are enough proof that he turned down a glass

3. I’m sorry that I have to turn down a glass at your offer because it does not meet my needs. 


The term “turn down a glass for me” was the final written message that Jacques Futrelle, a novelist, sent from Europe to a friend who lived in Atlanta. The phrase also appears in Napoleon Hill’s book, Think and Grow Rich. 

When remembering a drinking companion who has passed on, it is customary to turn a glass upside down (turn down). This represents the person’s glass on the table. The person remembering the lost loved one poses a moment to think about them.

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