to be loaded


to be loaded


  • to be very wealthy or affluent.
  • to be very drunk or under the influence of drugs.
  • to be fully prepared or equipped with something, often in a metaphorical sense.
  • referring to a gun that is filled with ammunition and ready to fire.
  • to be filled with a strong emotion, typically a negative one like anger or stress.
  • to have a lot of a particular substance, often drugs or alcohol, in one’s system.

Example Sentences

  1. He recently sold his company; he’s loaded.
  2. After five drinks, she was completely loaded.
  3. He’s loaded with information for the meeting.
  4. Be careful; that gun is loaded.
  5. He was loaded with anger after the argument.
  6. She was loaded on painkillers after the surgery.

Origin and History

The idiom “to be loaded” has several possible origins, each tied to the idea of having an abundance. Here’s a brief overview of its potential roots:

Financial Wealth

The most common meaning of “to be loaded” refers to being very wealthy. This usage likely originates from the concept of having a significant amount of money. Similar to a heavily laden ship or cart, the term “loaded” can imply being heavily burdened or filled with something valuable.


Being very drunk is another definition of “to be loaded.” The metaphor of heavily imbuing oneself with alcohol, akin to filling or “loading” a container with liquid, may give rise to this sense.


There’s also a historical link to firearms, where “loaded” means a gun is filled with ammunition and ready to fire. The term “loaded” could metaphorically refer to someone who is prepared or fully equipped, and it could eventually evolve to suggest wealth or resources.

The earliest documented use of “loaded” in the context of wealth dates back to the early 20th century. However, it’s likely that the idiom evolved gradually over time from these various connotations.

While there’s no single pinpointed origin for the idiom, the concept of being “loaded” generally implies an abundance or readiness, whether in terms of wealth, resources, or intoxication.

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