apple polisher


apple polisher


  • a flatterer; toady
  • a person who tries to get favours from those in authority through flattery
  • a person who seeks for promotion or rewards from higher ups by singing their praises or complimenting them
  • a person who mostly says false things to those in authority in order to get something in return

Example Sentences

  1. Even with her boss looking very untidy, Mel still complimented her and this showed her to be an apple polisher.
  2. Michael is such an apple polisher.
  3. It’s not good to be seen as an apple polisher as people would always doubt your intentions.
  4. It is better to be honest with people than to tell them false things and be taken as an apple polisher.
  5. It’s not good to polish the apple for your teacher for getting extra marks.
  6. I will never polish the apple for my boss, I believe in honesty and hard working.
  7. I can’t be an apple polisher of such nutter, we need to protest.


This phrase originated in the mid-15th century when parents of young school children will cook meals and invite the teachers to thank them for their dedication to the children. As time went on, these meals reduced to just an apple, polished until it is gleaming and this apple was handed to the teacher by the student. So many came to see this polished apple as a gift given to the teachers by the children in order for the teacher to give them preferential treatment like overlook a poor grade.


  • polish the apple

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