in hand


in hand


  • under control
  • being dealt with or addressed
  • in order
  • managing something well
  • in physical possession of something
  • under consideration
  • having more than needed (time – for example)
  • not yet used (used about money, etc.)

Example Sentences

  1. Don’t worry about a thing; I’ve got it all in hand. I did it all online.
  2. The travel arrangements are all in hand, and we set off at 4.00 am tomorrow morning.
  3. The duty officer had got the situation in hand and was questioning everyone about the incident.
  4. The event organisers had been very quick off the mark, and they got the crisis in hand before the public was aware.
  5. With a game in hand, they are the current favourites for the cup.
  6. I’m sure he will pay off his debts as soon as he has the money in hand.
  7. Claire has got a week in hand before the deadline.
  8. The firemen had the situation in hand by the time the police arrived, and all the people were accounted for.


One of many phrases using ‘hand’. It is commonly used in the areas of havingĀ  extra of something, sport or the task/situation/problem that you are currently dealing with.

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This idiom describes something under control or something in hand e.g a bird in hand is worth than two in bush.

‒ Obbo Joshua March 31, 2021

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