time puts everything in its place

time puts everything in its place,
also, time will put everything in its place


  • time is persistent; as it passes eventually, everything goes back to its original state or place
  • recovery and restoration process requires time to take place
  • used to say problems, sadness, feelings, and frustrations eventually go away as time passes
  • sometimes the way things are does not seem to make sense, but with time everything becomes clear why things turned the way they were in the first place

Example Sentences

  1. After my breakup with Judy, I couldn’t understand why things had to end so tragically, but I now understand time puts everything in its place in my new relationship.
  2. My new relationship with Judy is pure happiness; indeed, time puts everything in its place.
  3. After six years of struggling, I finally got the job of my dreams, and now I’m convinced beyond doubt, time puts everything in its place.
  4. Things are not very good between Marina and her husband, but she is still optimistic and always says that time will put everything in its place.
  5. Geraldine Bazin has become an example for millions of women about how life continues after a breakup and how time puts everything in its place. Today, she is a well-known international star.
  6. It could have been better, but it turned out that way and time put everything in its place.
  7. It was a terrible moment, but it wasn’t my fault, honestly, and now I can only hope that time will put everything in its place.


The phrase is relatively new and seems evolved from many different similar terms or maybe originated in a foreign language and later translated into English. It can be linked to various idiomatic sayings which have close meanings. It is associated with many notable people in history, including Benjamin Franklin, Cameron Crowe, and Samuel Smiles. However, the phrase has been altered over time, retaining its meaning, and it is believed to be in existence since the 17th century.

The earliest printed record of the phrase (in its exact form) dates back only to 1969 in Soviet Literature, Issues 7-12, page number 151 that reads:

“Literature itself eternally stands on trial before new generations, but that is the fate only of writers who have served their own age as eternity. In this sense time puts everything in its place.”


  • time heals all wounds


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