smack dab


smack dab

Meaning | Synonyms

  • exactly
  • precisely
  • right in place or time
  • squarely

Example Sentences

  1. We got our water balloons fully filled and threw smack dab at their heads. It was fun, I tell you!
  2. I accidentally lost my balance while stepping back and my elbow landed smack dab on her ribs.
  3. He was trying to hold me down, that molester. That’s when I got him off balance and punched him smack dab at his nose.
  4. I want to own a farmhouse smack dab in the middle of woods near the city.
  5. John accidentally elbowed me smack dab on my nose. The bleeding doesn’t stop, no matter what all I tried.
  6. The parachute landed smack dab into the middle of the lake.
  7. Conversation example:

Rina: What happened to you? Why are you on your bed on a Monday morning! So, unlike you!

Harold: I fell smack dab on my head this morning!


How the phrase ‘smack dab’ came into use as a phrase or the actual origin of the phrase is unknown. But, its first usage is recorded around the late nineteenth century – 1892 to be precise. It was found in an early American publication which was named Dialect Notes around that time. It’s possibly more of an American phrase. The phrase ‘smack dab’ is rarely used in European countries.

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