stand in a good stead


stand someone in a good stead

Meaning | Synonyms

  • to be of¬†advantage¬†to someone
  • to be of great use to someone
  • When something is said to stand someone in good stead, it implies the thing is being good for the person, in any context.
  • Used in general to refer an experience or talent or ability or position, which would be useful or beneficial for a person, his life and his future.

Example Sentences

  1. His years of experience in the spoken English field has stood him in good stead.
  2. Amelia’s ability to accurately read someone’s expressions is standing her in good stead in her career as a psychiatrist.
  3. Mark was expecting that his two-month internship with Amazon will stand him in good stead when he’ll be out of college, searching for jobs.
  4. No matter which field you choose, having a great communication skill would always stand you in good stead. It is a great ability to develop.
  5. Me being a linguist has stood me in good stead in my travels and adventures.
  6. His great capability as a student has stood him in good stead in University.


There are no known records of first usage or history or the origin of the phrase stand in good stead. However, given that the word ‘stead’ came into use in the context of advantage around the 12th century, we can expect this phrase to have origin around that time.

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