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poles apart

Meaning: completely different and opposite.

Example: In personality and culture, the couple are poles apart. Read more ➺

diamond in the rough

Meaning: someone or something of high quality but undeveloped.

Example: I found an old coin while gardening. I think it's a diamond in the rough. Read more ➺

step up your game

Meaning: to improve the performance, quality, skill, or talents.

Example: Matthew said to Sarah, "Step up your game," to which she replied, "I already have by memorizing every act in Shakespeare's The Tempest this week." Read more ➺

class act

Meaning: high-quality performance or display; additionally, the performer

Example: LeBron James has truly been a class act in basketball long before he entered the NBA. Read more ➺

set the bar

Meaning: fix the standards acceptable for the task

Example: Don't set the bar so high that it's impossible to achieve anything. Read more ➺

lower the bar

Meaning: to lower standards or expectations

Example: The revision bill aims to lower the bar on picking candidates. Read more ➺

raise the bar

Meaning: to be better than what went before

Example: Our family is so competitive. Now that my cousin has gone to university, everyone will expect me and my brother to raise the bar too. Read more ➺

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