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out of this world

Meaning: used to describe something that is exceptionally good, impressive, or remarkable.

Example: The food at that restaurant is out of this world. Read more ➺

cat’s pajamas

Meaning: excellent or outstanding.

Example: Wow, your drawing of a dinosaur is the cat's pajamas. Read more ➺

off the chain

Meaning: extremely good and exciting.

Example: I traveled across the American continent, and it was off the chain. Read more ➺

grist to the mill

Meaning: something that gives a useful advantage.

Example: The recent market research data is grist to the mill for our marketing team, helping them tailor their strategies effectively. Read more ➺

good faith

Meaning: acting honestly, with pure motives, and without deceiving others.

Example: The contract was negotiated and signed inĀ good faith by both parties. Read more ➺

deliver the goods

Meaning: do what is required.

Example: So far, the team's new player has failed to deliver the goods. He failed to open his account in his first three games. Read more ➺

goody two shoes

Meaning: too virtuous.

Example: She's not a goody-two-shoes, but she's a good woman. Read more ➺

good account of

Meaning: performed well, even if one was not completely successful.

Example: The team played excellently and gave a good account of itself. Read more ➺

pros and cons

Meaning: good points and bad points.

Example: There are pros and cons to having children. Read more ➺

nightmare dressed like a daydream

Meaning: Describes something that seems very pleasant or attractive at first but eventually reveals itself as horrible.

Example: Don't let her beauty fool you. She's just a nightmare dressed like a daydream. Read more ➺