sleep on


sleep on


  • postpone making a choice until the following day.
  • fail to recognize someone or something’s superiority.
  • wait until the following day to decide on something.
  • ignore or fail to notice and appreciate someone’s or something’s significance.

Example Sentences

  1. Please don’t sleep on that talent. It will take you places!
  2. If you don’t change your attitude, she will realize that you’ve been sleeping on her value and find someone better.
  3. Stop sleeping on this fantastic employee. He deserves that promotion.
  4. I couldn’t decide on whether to adopt a dog or a cat, so I decided to sleep on it.
  5. Deciding to get married is not easy; you better sleep on it.
  6. Let’s not keep arguing about this matter. I don’t think we’ll agree. Why not sleep on it and conclude on it tomorrow.
  7. Don’t be in a hurry to commit to that deal; at least sleep on it.
  8. The jury decided to sleep on it to give a good verdict.


The idiom has been used since the 1500s. Its earliest use is found in the State Paper of Henry. His grace said, “… the world slepe an dreme upon the matter.

It was believed that once you are well rested, you can make a better decision on an important matter. Though this was nothing but an old wives’ tale, science has recently proven it to be true. Scientific evidence suggests that sleep helps the mind rest, which can positively impact decision-making. Besides, someone who is sleepy and tired is bound to make more mistakes than one who is alert and relaxed.

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