drop off


drop off


  • take someone or something to a given place using a vehicle and leave them there.
  • fall asleep.
  • grow smaller; decline.
  • a steep descent.

Example Sentences

  1. Once we were done with the concert, he offered to drop me off at home.
  2. The school bus will drop off the kids at around 3 PM.
  3. I dropped off my resume at their office today.
  4. The baby has not taken a nap today; he is likely to drop off any minute from now.
  5. Since the accident, there’s been a drop-off in her performance.
  6. There has been a drop-off in their share prices following the scandal.
  7. On the other side of the cliff is a 100-meter drop-off into the ocean.
  8. The hospital has designed a new drop-off point for emergency victims.


The first use of “drop off” can be traced back to 1812. It was used to imply falling asleep, especially after a tedious day out in the fields. Most workers would be too exhausted after actively working out in the sun, so when they got a moment to rest, they would drop off.

In 1923, other meanings for the phrase came up. It was also used to describe making a delivery, a perpendicular descent, and a decline in something.

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