in the ascendant


in the ascendant


  • to become more powerful
  • on the rise to becoming more influential or more successful
  • to steadily increase
  • usually used positively to denote growth of a person or thing

Example Sentences

  1. The Jones’ have been in the ascendant ever since the 1800’s. They are now the most influential family in the United Kingdom, after the Queen’s own of course.
  2. The price of buying this horse are in the ascendant ever since he has been winning races for his owners.
  3. The price of gold has been in the ascendant since the time that I have been able to save enough money to be able to buy some.
  4. She is doing quite well in her organisation and is very much in the ascendant to getting the promotion.
  5. He is in the ascendant in the glamour world. He has got 4 assignments in this month and will be seen in advertisements.
  6. By arguing with the elders she thinks she is in the ascendant but it is actually her downfall since her children are learning from how she behaves.
  7. My career was in the ascendant when work was all that I had. But now that I am married and picked up more of home responsibilities, I have slowed it down by quite a bit.
  8. Tom Hanks is very much in the ascendant in the film world, I’ve been also fan of his acting since I saw his movie “Cast Away”.


The literary origin of this phrase cannot be traced accurately.

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