Idioms beginning with Q

quality time
quality time Meaning well spent time time that is spent in good company time spent in providing attention to someone who otherwise feels neglected Example Sentences It had ... Read on
Queensberry rules
the Queensberry rules Meaning: standard rules of polite or acceptable behavior code of conduct moral decorum gentlemanly conduct especially in a dispute Example: It was ensured by the ... Read on
qui vive
on the qui vive Meaning: on the alert or lookout. on vigilance on being observant Example: Their duty requires most of the soldiers to be on the qui ... Read on
quantum leap
quantum leap Meaning to make a significant improvement or dramatic advancement to develop something massively (usually in a short frame of time but that is not a rule) ... Read on
quote, unquote
quote, unquote meaning to use a phrase which has been coined by someone else but saying it in disbelief to say something sarcastically A popular way to use ... Read on
queer pitch
queer pitch Meaning: spoil somebody's chance of doing something. Making a deed more difficult for someone secret or malicious attempt to not letting someone do what they can ... Read on

Idiom of the Day

double whammy
double whammy Meaning: situation where two bad things happen at the same time double blow or setback. Examples: Boss fired me from the job and I lost my ... Read on


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