quantum leap

quantum leap


  • to make a significant improvement or dramatic advancement
  • to develop something massively (usually in a short frame of time but that is not a rule)

Example Sentences

  1. The store has taken a quantum leap from where it was and seems to be headed strongly in the right direction.
  2. I think that she has shown a quantum leap in her performance and should be rewarded accordingly.
  3. The quantum leap in this case would come if he is able to keep up to the goals that he has made for this year.
  4. The business proposal has taken a quantum leap from when I saw it the last time. He has finally incorporated financial numbers in his background research.
  5. The quantum leap for him came when he got married to a rich business man’s daughter. After that for him to settle in life was very easy.
  6. I understand that you cannot take a quantum leap in a day, but I implore you to try.
  7. To take a quantum leap in the direction of your dream will be difficult but never stop striving until you achieve what you have set out for.
  8. The election of a female Prime Minister is a quantum leap forward for equality in humanity.


The leap being quantum creates a speculation that it comes from the Physics world. There is no evidence found in the literary world towards its origination though.

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