queer pitch


queer pitch


  • spoil somebody’s chance of doing something.
  • Making a deed more difficult for someone
  • secret or malicious attempt to not letting someone do what they can
  • Spoil someone’s chances of success


  1. He queered my pitch by asking for promotion before I did.
  2. Justin queered his friend’s pitch by proposing the girl his friend was going to propose to.
  3. In today’s corporate world, people want to get ahead of one another by queering others’ pitch. They do not believe in cooperation anymore.
  4. Jenny queered her sister’s pitch by not hiding the appointment letter that came for her sister from the company she was selected in.
  5. A few Political parties try to queer on another’s pitch by booth capturing during the time of elections.

This phrase, a British term came into existence as a slang during 19th-century. The pitch used in the phrase is referred to as the place where a street performer stationed themselves or the site of a market trader’s stall. Queer’ has been used as a act that means ‘to spoil’ since the early 19th century. These two put collectively give the meaning of this phrase. It was first recorded, in the 19th-century speech in London, in The Swell’s Night Guide, in the year 1846.

“Nanty coming it on a pall, or wid cracking to queer a pitch.”

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