quality time


quality time


  • well spent time
  • time that is spent in good company
  • time spent in providing attention to someone who otherwise feels neglected

Example Sentences

  1. It had been so long since we went on a vacation but this last month we decided to spend quality time with the family regardless.
  2. I prefer giving quality time to my children, these are their most precious year anyway.
  3. She has barely spent quality time with her husband since the time they got married. Perhaps this impromptu vacation will help.
  4. It is important that one does not neglect their children in order to spend quality time at work.
  5. The most critical aspect of his recovery seems to be the quality time that he is getting to spend with his family and friends. The positive atmosphere is helping a lot.


The origination of the phrase is believed to have been from the early 70’s in the United States of America when the concept of being able to balance the work life with a home life. A newspaper called ‘The Capital’ used the phrase in the sense that it is in use today in 1973 in an article which was titled ‘How to be liberated’. The focus of the article was on the quality of time spent rather than the quantity.

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