Queensberry rules

the Queensberry rules


  • standard rules of polite or acceptable behavior
  • code of conduct
  • moral decorum
  • gentlemanly conduct especially in a dispute


  1. It was ensured by the police that both the parties adhered to the Queensberry rules during their hearing session in the high court.
  2. Despite the fact he was knowledgeable and dedicated towards his work, the company fired him because he didn’t follow the Queensberry rules in the office.
  3. Each organisation has Queensberry rules for its members to follow.
  4. This time, the Olympic association has made its Queensberry rules stricter and is going to blacklist the sports person lifelong if they do not follow them.

The Queensberry Rules are a set of rules which were framed in the year 1867. Sir John Sholto Douglas(1844-1900), ninth Marquis of Queensberry, is said to have supervised the making of this moral decorum to govern boxing game in Great Britain. They are used in amateur as well as professional matches.

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