coin money


coin money
also, mint money


  • to accumulate wealth rapidly.
  • to make a lot of money easily.
  • to get very rich quickly.
  • to earn a significant amount of money by doing something successfully.
  • make a great deal of money easily or very quickly.

Example Sentences

  1. My knowledge of ICT technology could help me coin money.
  2. Our company can coin money if we secure a trading partner in China.
  3. If he has a monopoly in the market, he could easily coin money.
  4. The agency is able to mint money because it hires highly motivated realtors.
  5. Stock owners in that restaurant chain are really coining money.
  6. I hear that with sales from her latest novel, Sarah is coining money.
  7. With the world economy facing such harsh challenges, few businesses are coining money today.
  8. Hardcover book printers can no longer mint money because a large number of readers have chosen to go digital.
  9. Organic farmers are coining money as more people in the world opt to eat foods grown without the use of chemicals.
  10. Computer makers will coin money if and when they produce affordable laptops.
  11. With a monopoly in urban as well as rural markets, the company could coin money.


Coining money could literally mean making money. The idiom, “coin money,” which dates back to the 1800s, was coined by businesses to distinguish between successful ones and those seeming to stagnate. Its variation is mint money.

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