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don’t put all your eggs in one basket
don’t put all your eggs in one basket Meaning: don’t make everything dependent on one thing don’t put all your resources into one thing don’t depend for your ... Read on


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out of business
out of business Meaning | Synonyms out of operational conditions less in demand something which is not doing business anymore anything related to business, which is not causing ... Read on
against the grain
against the grain Meaning | Synonyms a difficult path to be followed something which is contradicting our wishes action performed unwillingly hard to accept or do something as ... Read on
music to ears
music to ears Meaning | Synonyms something that is soothing to your ears news that sounds pleasing to someone and becomes a source of happiness anything that is ... Read on
apples to apples
apples to apples Variants apples and apples apples with apples Meaning | Synonyms having a fair comparison between the two things comparing the things which can actually be ... Read on
by chance
by chance Meaning | Synonyms something which was not planned to happen incidents that occur accidentally a coincidence anything which was not meant to happen events that occur ... Read on
take for granted
take for granted Meaning | Synonyms to underestimate the value of something or someone when a person is not being paid enough for the job that they do ... Read on
mind your own beeswax
mind your own beeswax Meaning | Synonyms do not interfere into someone else’s matter an informal phrase used for keeping people away from your affairs to rudely ask ... Read on
walking on air
walking on air also, floating on air Meaning | Synonyms to be very happy (elated) to feel awfully excited or pleased to be in a state of intense happiness in seventh heaven to be on ... Read on
lean towards
lean towards also, lean to Meaning | Synonyms to be interested in something to support someone’s opinion used when discussing a decision that hasn’t been finalised show a ... Read on
chill pill
chill pill Meaning | Synonyms something that has a relaxing outcome an imaginary pill with calming and soothing effect a medication used to relax someone Example Sentences Can ... Read on

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