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fly in the ointment

Meaning: something that spoils a pleasant or enjoyable experience.

Example: The fly in the ointment was that the proposal still needed board approval. Read more ➺

hold your feet to the fire

Meaning: insist that someone fulfill their promises or obligations.

Example: The management will hold your feet to the fire to ensure that you fulfill the project deadline. Read more ➺

split up

Meaning: end of a relationship, marriage, or partnership.

Example: The couple split up after months of conflicts and arguments. Read more ➺

melting pot

Meaning: a place where different types of people and ideas live together, frequently blending to create something new.

Example: The United States has been a melting pot of different cultures and backgrounds. Read more ➺

John Doe

Meaning: represents an unnamed or unknown person in a hypothetical example or illustration.

Example: Our John Doe witness refused to testify out of fear of retaliation. Read more ➺

in the limelight

Meaning: receiving prominent public attention or fame.

Example: The candidate has been in the limelight for months before the election. Read more ➺

have a cow

Meaning: to become angry or excited about something.

Example: The boss had a cow when he saw the mess they had made. Read more ➺

high five

Meaning: celebratory hand slap done between two people.

Example: Let's high-five after we finish this project. Read more ➺

worth your salt

Meaning: be capable or competent enough.

Example: You'll only be worth your salt if you go above and beyond the call of duty. Read more ➺

slam dunk

Meaning: accomplish something with great ease or efficiency.

Example: The new software made data entry a slam-dunk. Read more ➺

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