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come in handy

Meaning: to be useful or convenient, especially at some future time.

Example: The extra money will come in handy when we go on vacation. Read more ➺

butter fingers

Meaning: a person who frequently drops things.

Example: Mark, our star receiver, turned into a butterfingers and dropped the ball at the crucial moment. Read more ➺

cast pearls before swine

Meaning: to offer something valuable or precious to someone who is unable to appreciate its worth.

Example: Sharing his profound poetry with people who had no interest in literature felt like casting pearls before swine. Read more ➺

ringing off the hook

Meaning: being overwhelmed with inquiries, demands, or requests.

Example: As soon as we announced the sale, our phones began ringing off the hook with orders. Read more ➺

exit poll

Meaning: a survey of voters conducted as they leave polling stations to predict election outcomes.

Example: The news channel released the exit poll results, suggesting a tight race between the two leading candidates. Read more ➺

to be loaded

Meaning: to be very wealthy or affluent.

Example: He recently sold his company; he's loaded. Read more ➺

hand to mouth

Meaning: living with just enough money to meet immediate needs without any savings.

Example: After losing his job, he lived a hand to mouth life, struggling to pay bills and buy groceries each month. Read more ➺

plum job

Meaning: a job that is highly desirable or sought-after because of its perks, benefits, or prestige.

Example: She secured a plum job that doubled her salary and included a generous bonus package. Read more ➺

go Dutch

Meaning: splitting the bill evenly among participants, each covering their own expenses.

Example: We decided to go Dutch at the restaurant last night, so everyone paid for their own meal. Read more ➺

break even

Meaning: to neither gain nor lose money in a deal or business.

Example: Despite our best efforts, the restaurant only managed to break even last month. Read more ➺