learning curve

learning curve


  • the rate of learning new skills
  • the rate of progress in achieving experience
  • a process of learning something through one’s own mistakes and experiences
  • the time required to acquire some new skill, information, ability or talent
  • a graphical tool to show learning progress of any task usually plotted with learning versus time

Example Sentences

  1. Every employee undergoes a learning curve while getting to know the company.
  2. Life is actually a learning curve and the process of achieving excellence should always continue.
  3. The learning curve for sustained production in automobile industry is very difficult.
  4. Gradual learning curve should be followed in studies to ensure step by step and consolidated progress.
  5. I am following the learning curve chart provided by the HR department.
  6. Nowadays computer software and mobile applications have smaller learning curves making them easier to use by a wide range of people.


This phrase actually has scientific origins as two-axis graphs have always been very popular in representing the relationship between two variables. Being a visual tool, graphs can easily convey to the viewer the nature of relationship between those two variables. In the field of education and behavioral psychology, learning has always been associated with time (predominantly) and for that purpose multiple types of graphs were made as well. Due to the simple nature of these graphs, this phrase gradually become popular in everyday language with the first recorded use being in 1922 like this is easy to learn became this has a small learning curve or this is difficult and time consuming became this has a large/difficult learning curve.

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