Idioms beginning with I

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in the bag

Meaning: something is certain to be achieved or secured.

Example: The deal was finally in the bag after a few rounds of tough negotiations. Read more ➺

if not more

Meaning: It implies that the quantity mentioned is the minimum, with the possibility of it being greater.

Example: She ate five slices of pizza, if not more, at the party. Read more ➺

in limbo

Meaning: in an uncertain situation.

Example: Our plans for the future were left in limbo due to the pandemic. Read more ➺

in lieu of

Meaning: place of, in place of, or instead of.

Example: The employee received a cash payment in lieu of vacation days she was unable to take. Read more ➺

in the dock

Meaning: on trial in court, especially in a criminal case.

Example: The accused man was placed in the dock, ready to face trial. Read more ➺

in the dark

Meaning: uninformed, a state of ignorance.

Example: 1. The family had been kept in the dark regarding their kin one's medical diagnosis. Read more ➺

in the driver’s seat

Meaning: in control of a situation

Example: The availability of a wide range of products has put the consumer in the driving seat. Read more ➺

in a pinch

Meaning: being in a situation where the preferred or ideal choice is unavailable.

Example: This diet will do in a pinch. It is better than going hungry. Read more ➺

in for a penny, in for a pound

Meaning: to complete a task, no matter what it may need.

Example: In for a penny, in for a pound, we need to stay up all night and get the report done since we cannot turn it in half-finished. Read more ➺

in short order

Meaning: immediately and without difficulty.

Example: The children got ready in short order to go to the park and play. Read more ➺