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safe and sound

Meaning: unharmed or uninjured.

Example: After the storm passed, we found our house still standing and our family safe and sound. Read more ➺

poke the bear

Meaning: to intentionally provoke or instigate a confrontation with someone who is known to be easily angered or irritated.

Example: Criticizing the boss's decisions is a sure way to poke the bear at work. Read more ➺

up a creek without a paddle

Meaning: being in trouble.

Example: With no savings, being fired will leave me up the creek without a paddle. Read more ➺

the rose that grew from concrete

Meaning: a person who achieved greatness even though they came from a place not so great.

Example: Ken performed well despite his poor background, much like the rose that grew from concrete. Read more ➺

on the line

Meaning: to be at serious risk.

Example: Put your toes on the line and form up! Read more ➺

rock the boat

Meaning: to make trouble.

Example: If you don't want any trouble with your boss, then stop rocking theĀ boat. Read more ➺

bury head in the sand

Meaning: hide from the truth

Example: Finals begin in a week and if I continue to bury my head in the sand, I'll be taking this class again next semester. Read more ➺

yoke around one’s neck

Meaning: a fatiguing burden.

Example: I refused to be the yoke around his neck, and so I turned down his generous offer of employment in a job for which I was unqualified. Read more ➺

too close for comfort

Meaning: to be very close to something dangerous or unwelcoming

Example: She was standing on the edge of a cliff in the photo, too close for comfort. Read more ➺

in hot water

Meaning: in trouble or state of shame

Example: The opposition leader landed himself in a whole load of hot water after making several vulgar comments. Read more ➺