road to recovery

Meaning: the procedure of becoming healthy again

Example: The Grecian Government was supposed to put Europe on the road to recovery from the Economic and financial crisis. Read on

on the mend

Meaning: to improve in health after an illness

Example: After a long illness he is finally on the mend. Read on

memory like a sieve

Meaning: poor memory

Example: I'm so sorry I forgot your birthday - I've got a memory like a sieve! Read on

under the weather

Meaning: to be ill or feel ill

Example: I did not go to work today, as I was feeling a bit under the weather. Read on

fit as a fiddle

Meaning: A very healthy person

Example: My grandfather is 90 years old, but he is as fit as a fiddle. Read on

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pass on the baton

pass on the baton Meaning: give responsibility for something important to another person. Example: The governor of the State Bank of India resigns this month, passing on the … Read on


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