under the auspices


under the auspices


  • under the protection, sponsorship, or patronage
  • under the oversight, supervision, control of management
  • with help, support, or approval
  • with the backing, or patronage of

Example Sentences

  1. We restored the home under the auspices of the historical society.
  2. We learned our acting craft under the auspices of our director.
  3. The symphony played under the auspices of their conductor.
  4. She learned French under the auspices of her tutor.
  5. Financial aid is being provided to the country under the auspices of the World Bank.


This phrase originated in the Roman Empire. The word auspice derives from the Latin phrase auspicium, which relates to divinization and carries out by an auspex or augur. An augur would be similar to a fortune teller. Initially, it was to make predictions about birds or auspexes. Birds were harbingers of good fortune which the God Jupiter sent. What arose from them were called auspices. These auspices may be misinterpreted to sway important events like elections.

One of the most famous tales of auspices happened during the building of Rome. Romulus and Remus were at Palentine Hill and argued over where to build the city. Instead of arguing, they settled it by utilizing their powers as auguries of the Gods. Plutarch recalls that they sat next to each other on the ground, looking for sights. Remus saw six vultures and Romulus twelve.

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