leg up

leg up


  • give or receive assistance to achieve a goal
  • give someone a helping hand or boost them on in some way
  • help that puts someone at an advantage or a head start over other people
  • an act of helping someone to mount a high object or horse

Example Sentences

  1. Completing the summer study program gives pupils a leg up in the following academic year.
  2. Speaking three languages certainly gave Laura a leg up in the interview for the promotion.
  3. We had a leg-up on the competition after the celebrity endorsement of our products last month.
  4. I gave her a leg up over the fence, then I followed her over, and we ran down the road laughing.
  5. Cassy was glad that her grandmother had taught her some dressmaking skills when she was younger because now it gave her a leg-up when making party dresses for her three daughters.
  6. All those weekends spent fixing up old bangers with his father, has given Gabe a leg up in maintaining his first car.


The history of this phrase alludes to helping someone up onto a horse. You cup your hands, creating a foothold for one of their feet while they propel their other leg up into the stirrup. From there, they can swing into the saddle.

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