have no business


have no business

Meaning | Synonyms

  • to do something that you should not be doing
  • to insert yourself in a situation that has nothing to do with you
  • to have no right to be somewhere

Example Sentences

  1. You have no business discussing my personal life with your friends.
  2. After all of the mistakes that you have made you have no business getting involved in my problems.
  3. You have no business telling my boss that I was late to work. You are just trying to cause trouble.
  4. You have no business walking around this neighbourhood at night. I am phoning the police.
  5. You have no business coming to my office. We will deal with this situation when I get home.


The word business dates back to before 950 BCE.

The meaning is related to a person’s trade. The occupation that they hold that allows them to earn a living. In this context, it was first used in the 1300s.

In the 1700s the meaning was expanded to include “matters that occupy one’s time.” This is probably the meaning that is closely related to the idiom. It is not known where or when the idiom originated.

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