out of business


out of business

Meaning | Synonyms

  • out of operational conditions
  • less in demand
  • something which is not doing business anymore
  • anything related to business, which is not causing profit to the company
  • bankrupt
  • insolvent
  • cleaned out

Example Sentences

  1. If we keep on selling our goods at the same price, we will soon go out of business.
  2. The idea is to sell pizza, not to put the restaurant out of business.
  3. If your club goes out of business before you leave it, you will get your cash back.
  4. If your community goes out of business, you have to proceed to its closure.
  5. Most investigators agree that many pharmaceutical companies would go out of business.
  6. The fish market will go out of business this summer.
  7. It is unavoidable to go out of business due to the day to day increasing competitive environment.
  8. The market never goes out of the business, if it meets the requirements of the customers.


The accurate origin of the phrase is not known but, there are some old records that provide its references. This phrase is used by Marcus Jacobson, in the book named “Foundation of Neuroscience”, in the late 19th century. He used it in the following way:

“It can be said that rival theories have to ignore one another because if they took every bit of counterevidence seriously, they would have to go out of business … “

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