not give a damn


not give a damn


  • to not care
  • to be indifferent
  • to be irresponsible

Example Sentences

  1. Their son does not give a damn about their health. His ill habits are costing the entire family now.
  2. I don’t give a damn of how you make it but you have to come to my party.
  3. She does not give a damn about his money, she is so much more capable of earning for herself.
  4. My lawyer told him that the judge does not give a damn about whether he is lying. The case has already been severely harmed by his brother’s dialogue delivery in the court.
  5. How could he not give a damn about his own property? He should come here at least once in a while to check the place out.
  6. Some people just cannot give a damn to their health issues.
  7. The majority of chemical factories in developing countries like India don’t give a damn about the environment.


The origin of this American phrase relies on the word “damn” which means “hardly of any value”. To not give a damn then translates into not caring about something to such an extent that its least possible value is also not entertained. It is popular among the youth because this phrase has a crude tone to it which the elderly and sophisticated population do not consider polite to use.


  • to give two hoots

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it’s contracted from ‘I don’t give a tinker’s dam’. A tinker went from town to town mending cooking pots and pans. he would prepare the area around the hole in the pan and then build a wall of dough around the hole. He would then pour molten solder over the hole to mend it. when the solder dried, the residual dough would then be brushed away as useless. thus, not giving a tinker’s dam meant you didin’t care about something so completely worthless.

‒ MWM age 66 May 1, 2019

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