Idioms beginning with H

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harp on the same string

Meaning: to talk about the same subject over and over again, often in a tiresome way.

Example: He tends to harp on the same string when discussing his political views. Read more ➺

high spirits

Meaning: a state of being lively, enthusiastic, and full of positive energy.

Example: After receiving the good news, she was in high spirits for the rest of the day. Read more ➺

hard up

Meaning: in need of money or experiencing financial difficulties.

Example: After losing his job, he found himself hard up and unable to pay the bills. Read more ➺

hush money

Meaning: a bribe given to someone to keep them from disclosing information.

Example: The politician was accused of paying hush money to cover up the scandal. Read more ➺

hand to mouth

Meaning: living with just enough money to meet immediate needs without any savings.

Example: After losing his job, he lived a hand to mouth life, struggling to pay bills and buy groceries each month. Read more ➺

heart of gold

Meaning: typically refers to someone who is kind, generous, and caring.

Example: Despite facing financial struggles herself, Bella always finds ways to help those in need, truly possessing a heart of gold. Read more ➺

hot potato

Meaning: refers to a controversial or sensitive topic that people avoid discussing.

Example: The topic of religious beliefs can often be a hot potato, with individuals having sensitive feelings. Read more ➺

Hakuna Matata

Meaning: no trouble, no worries, or no problem.

Example: Ever since I embraced a hakuna matata mindset, my life has been easier. Read more ➺

hard and fast

Meaning: refers to strict, inflexible, or unyielding rules, regulations, or principles.

Example: The teacher set hard-and-fast rules about not using cell phones during class. Read more ➺

half baked

Meaning: imperfectly or inadequately planned, prepared, or developed.

Example: That was a half-baked idea; it would never work in practice. Read more ➺