Idioms beginning with H

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hot potato

Meaning: refers to a controversial or sensitive topic that people avoid discussing.

Example: The topic of religious beliefs can often be a hot potato, with individuals having sensitive feelings. Read more ➺

Hakuna Matata

Meaning: no trouble, no worries, or no problem.

Example: Ever since I embraced a hakuna matata mindset, my life has been easier. Read more ➺

hard and fast

Meaning: refers to strict, inflexible, or unyielding rules, regulations, or principles.

Example: The teacher set hard-and-fast rules about not using cell phones during class. Read more ➺

half baked

Meaning: imperfectly or inadequately planned, prepared, or developed.

Example: That was a half-baked idea; it would never work in practice. Read more ➺

hold your feet to the fire

Meaning: insist that someone fulfill their promises or obligations.

Example: The management will hold your feet to the fire to ensure that you fulfill the project deadline. Read more ➺

have a cow

Meaning: to become angry or excited about something.

Example: The boss had a cow when he saw the mess they had made. Read more ➺

high five

Meaning: celebratory hand slap done between two people.

Example: Let's high-five after we finish this project. Read more ➺

hook, line, and sinker

Meaning: used to highlight the fact that a person has been utterly deceived or fooled.

Example: used to highlight the fact that a person has been utterly deceived or fooled. Read more ➺

hot air

Meaning: empty, exaggerated talk or writing.

Example: Please do not pay any attention to Howard because he's full of hot air. Read more ➺


Meaning: a woman who is being a nag to a man.

Example: Ken was a henpecked husband who would not dare contradict his wife. Read more ➺