Idioms beginning with H

head start
head start Meaning having an advantage over someone starting early or before the starting time favorable advantage in the beginning of an event, competition or activity Example Sentences ... Read on
hang on
hang on Meaning hold on or hold tightly to wait for a little time or to keep a hold of to hold on to someone or something tightly ... Read on
high up
high up Meaning to have an important standing in society a higher-ranking person in any organization, group or society to be regarded as an influential person in an ... Read on
heart goes out to
heart goes out to Meaning to feel sympathy for someone when they are distressed used to show a feeling of compassion for someone else during difficult times Example ... Read on
high time
it’s high time Meaning to refer to something that is already overdue but must be started immediately the appropriate or right time to do something without delay or ... Read on
head-on Meaning front-to-front with the front of a vehicle to involve direct confrontation with another party to deal with a difficult problem directly, bravely and with determination facing ... Read on
has-been Meaning to have had a wonderful past but no present or future in the field to have crossed the peak growth period to have ripped already and ... Read on
household name
household name Meaning to be very popular to be known across a region, in every household to be famous Example Sentences The character is a household name because ... Read on
hands are tied
hands are tied Meaning to not be able to do anything about a situation to be helpless to not have any other options to act as per the ... Read on
honesty is the best policy
honesty is the best policy Meaning being honest is always good and fruitful to advice someone to be honest in their dealings to be honest about things is ... Read on

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happy as a clam
as happy as a clam Meaning To be very happy. Someone who is content and which shows on him. Example Senteces Although the job does not pay very ... Read on


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