Fight Idioms

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at loggerheads

Meaning: in a state of strong disagreement or conflict

Example: The two neighbors were at loggerheads over the property boundary. Read more ➺

cloak and dagger

Meaning: an activity or process that involves spying, secrecy, or mystery.

Example: He didn't want anyone to know what he was doing, so he kept his plans cloaked and daggered from the public. Read more ➺

caught in the crossfire

Meaning: suffer harm or damage inadvertently because of the conflict between other individuals or groups.

Example: Jane was proven innocent since she was only caught in the crossfire. Read more ➺

collision course

Meaning: saying or doing something that can lead to a serious fight or disagreement.

Example: When the attempts at diplomacy broke down, the two states went on a collision course. Read more ➺

piss and vinegar

Meaning: to self-reference someone who is in a bad mood and ready to fight.

Example: During the invasion, the soldiers were full of piss and vinegar, and therefore they went straight into the front lines. Read more ➺

bone to pick

Meaning: having a complaint that needs to be discussed.

Example: Jake walked up to Robert and told him that he had a bone to pick with him. Read more ➺

cross swords

Meaning: to fight with another person physically or verbally.

Example: The vice-presidents crossed swords at all policy meetings. Read more ➺

come to blows

Meaning: to start fighting

Example: I'm glad we were able to resolve this disagreement without coming to blows. Read more ➺

fight like cat and dog

Meaning: argue jealously and violently all the time

Example: The married couple fought like cat and dog the entire time they were together. Read more ➺

bury the hatchet

Meaning: to stop fighting or arguing or to end old resentments

Example: After many quarrelling years, the two political parties finally decided to bury the hatchet. Read more ➺