rainbow baby


rainbow baby


  • a baby that was born after a previous pregnancy loss.
  • a child who is born after the previous death of a baby or other maternal health problems.
  • a healthy baby born after losing a baby due to a miscarriage, stillbirth, or death of a fetus or infant from natural causes.
  • also refer to something great after a difficult time, like a rainbow after a storm.

The term “rainbow baby” describes an infant born after a preceding baby has been lost through miscarriage, molar pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, stillbirth, or death during infancy. It symbolizes hope and joy following a gloomy and turbulent time of mourning and embodies the rainbow that appears after a storm and bad weather.

Example Sentences

  1. Finally, Noah was their rainbow baby after several miscarriages.
  2. The parents were ecstatic to announce that our rainbow baby is due soon.
  3. It was the happiest day for the parents to see their rainbow baby.


Do you ever question the unique value of the phrase “rainbow baby” for many families? Let us embark on the journey to uncover the captivating origin of this phrase.

The first known incidence of the phrase “rainbow baby” dates back to Christie Brooks’ book, “Our Heartbreaking Choices,” which was published in 2008. According to Falk & Roman (2015), the book recounts a warm account of households who have experienced a loss and, after that, embraced a new baby, depicting the baby’s coming as a beautiful rainbow after a cataclysmic storm.

With the publication of the book, the phrase picked up prevalence and started to be widely utilized across online networks and support groups. Its meaningful connotation resonated with many parents, giving them a way to express their emotions and experiences.

Similarly, as with numerous phrases, “rainbow baby” has progressed throughout the years, bringing about various interpretations and changes. A few guardians may refer to their rainbow baby as a “sunshine baby” or a “hope baby,” both symbolizing positivity and brightness after difficult times.

The term “rainbow baby” was coined by the baby loss community. They chose this phrase since it brilliantly symbolizes the rising of fresh trust and pleasure after a period of grief and injury, just like a brilliant rainbow that comes after a downpour.

In the making of human feelings, the phrase “rainbow baby” structures a weak string of assurance and strength for families who have gone through the misery of losing a child. Like a twinkling rainbow flying over the sky after a rough storm, it denotes the excellence that can emerge from even the blackest of moments (Villegas, 2020). May this expression keep on being an asset of help for those in need, a warm hug for enduring souls, and a dazzling pledge of better days to come.

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