catch eye

catch eye


  • be noticed by someone
  • attract someone’s attention
  • make eye contact with someone
  • to get someone’s attention by looking at them

Example Sentences

  1. While we were driving down the road, a small shop selling beautiful potteries caught my eye.
  2. The restaurant was a busy one, and it was quite some time before we managed to catch the waiter’s eye.
  3. Mary was gazing at the mountains beyond when Jason caught her eye and beckoned her.
  4. That shiny red car at the showroom had really caught my eye; I wanted to but it right away before good sense prevailed.
  5. Bob had taken a fancy to the new girl in the neighbourhood and went about trying to catch her eye during a get together organized by the local community.
  6. Sam was getting very chatty and was about to give my secret away when I finally managed to catch his eye and signal him to stop.
  7. Andy was desperately trying to catch Rebecca’s eyes at the party but she kept ignoring him – it looked like they had had a big fight about something.
  8. The vase at a friend’s house had caught my wife’s eye – she wanted something like that for herslf.


The origin of the idiom is not known.


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