Idioms beginning with C

catch napping

Meaning: getting someone to deal with a situation since you put them in it suddenly and they were unprepared and not paying attention.

Example: His plan to catch his security office napping was successful. Read on

coin money

Meaning: to accumulate wealth rapidly.

Example: My knowledge of ICT technology could help me coin money. Read on

cut both ways

Meaning: affect both sides of an argument or something equally.

Example: The promotion I got means that I will earn more money, but I will also have less time with my family. It cuts both ways. Read on

crystal clear

Meaning: easy to understand or transparent.

Example: The pictures on the high-definition TV are crystal clear. Read on

comes to the crunch

Meaning: in a critical moment or crucial time, or in a tight corner.

Example: I’m ready to resign due to this if it comes to the crunch. Read on

crowning glory

Meaning: the most notable and best aspect of something.

Example: The palace's crowning glory is the ballroom. Read on

caught in the crossfire

Meaning: suffer harm or damage inadvertently because of the conflict between other individuals or groups.

Example: Jane was proven innocent since she was only caught in the crossfire. Read on

conspiracy of silence

Meaning: general agreement to keep silent about a subject for the sake of secrecy.

Example: Healthcare professionals create a conspiracy of silence due to the fear of legal proceedings, corrective action, or punishment.  Read on

come full circle

Meaning: completion of the cycle.

Example: I was wearing such a dress some 40 years ago. Fashion's wheel has come full circle. Read on

collision course

Meaning: saying or doing something that can lead to a serious fight or disagreement.

Example: When the attempts at diplomacy broke down, the two states went on a collision course. Read on

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Idiom of the Day

leaps and bounds

Meaning: progress very quickly

Example: Regan's reading skills are coming on in leaps and bounds with the new teacher. Read on


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