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cold sweat
cold sweat Meaning | Synonyms the condition where extreme fear or nervousness causes a person to feel a chill along with moist skin or sweat a situation when ... Read on
come out
come out Meaning | Synonyms to reveal something (often unintentionally) to bring something (often the truth) into the open to make a formal debut in society to be ... Read on
crack up
crack up Meaning | Synonyms go through an emotional breakdown to burst into laughter or to laugh non-stop start behaving in an abnormal manner suffering from a mental ... Read on
chill pill
chill pill Meaning | Synonyms something that has a relaxing outcome an imaginary pill with calming and soothing effect a medication used to relax someone Example Sentences Can ... Read on
catch up
catch up Meaning | Synonyms to get to the same level, standard, or status as something or someone to do something you didn’t have time to get done ... Read on
cut the crap
cut the crap Meaning a very crude way of telling someone to stop doing something that you do not like rude slang telling someone to stop fooling around ... Read on
catnap also written as cat nap Meaning a short sleep, usually during the day a short nap to boost your energy Example Sentences I had a very late ... Read on
cry me a river
cry me a river Meaning usually used sarcastically to someone who is constantly complaining to cry excessively in front of someone else Example Sentences "My baby wouldn't sleep ... Read on
come over
come over Meaning to go to someone else's house to visit somewhere for a short period to move closer to someone or something to affect someone to change ... Read on
count on
count on Meaning it means that you are able to depend on somebody or something to expect something to happen used in a humorous way to say that ... Read on

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surgical strike
surgical strike Meaning to cause injury or damage to the intended targets it is a military attack that takes place with surgical precision and is extremely target oriented ... Read on


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