Idioms beginning with C

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cat’s pajamas

Meaning: excellent or outstanding.

Example: Wow, your drawing of a dinosaur is the cat's pajamas. Read more ➺

fall between two stools

Meaning: to come between two alternatives, and so fail to fulfill either of them.

Example: This book cannot be an academic one, nor can it be a popular commercial one; it falls between two stools. Read more ➺

call the shots

Meaning: to be in charge of what is happening and what should happen.

Example: The security forces will call the shots all around during the political gatherings. Read more ➺

charley horse

Meaning: a cramp or stiffness in the leg or arm.

Example: We had to stop midway and call for help because of a charley horse in my foot. Read more ➺


Meaning: one who imitates or copies another's actions, appearance, or ideas.

Example: The startup accused the competitor of being a copycat, claiming they stole their business model and product ideas. Read more ➺

cut from the same cloth

Meaning: share similar qualities.

Example: The new partners were cut from the same cloth—they had innovative ideas and ambitions for growth. Read more ➺

code of conduct

Meaning: set rules and regulations governing a group of people.

Example: The code of conduct of that organization requires people to pass through the security office before entering. Read more ➺

crash course

Meaning: a course in which lots of information is taught in a short period of time.

Example: We took a crash course in Spanish last summer to prepare for our trip to Spain. Read more ➺

cry over spilt milk

Meaning: to cry about past events that cannot be undone.

Example: While it's sad that the results have not been as good as you expected, you should now focus on moving ahead and achieving better results next time; there is no use crying over spilt milk. Read more ➺

clear the decks

Meaning: to deal with any obstacles that could get in the way of a plan of action or an event.

Example: We need to clear the decks and get our project done on time. Read more ➺