• The bulging of the eyes out is known as being bug eyed.
  • It represents someone having seen something that is extraordinary that causes their eyes to pop out.
  • Bug-eyed refers to looking at a person’s loved one also.
  • Something amazing or superlative positive makes people bug eyed. It used to refer to being frightened too but is now only used to reflect amazement.

Example Sentences

  1. I was bug eyed looking at her wedding dress and jewelry. Her parents have gone over and above to see her happy.
  2. The children were bug-eyed looking at that massive cookie that was made as an attempt to enter the world records. Of course they helped in eating it after the entry was made.
  3. She spends so much time on her hair and make-up whenever she is about to go for her party. But today I was bug-eyed looking at her dress up for work too.
  4. When looking for ancient artefacts the archaeologists were bug-eyed at finding so many clay idols at one site.
  5. The way he scored all those runs for his team, the match made everyone watching it bug eyed.

The origin of this phrase is not available.

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