• showing lot of love or affection
  • expressing affection in a sentimental way
  • excessive display of affection; mushy
  • being amorously affectionate
  • public display of affection

Example Sentences

  1. We had gone for lunch with our boss and his wife, but it was pretty awkward with a couple getting lovey-dovey a couple of tables away from us.
  2. The couple at the front row kept getting lovey-dovey with each other while the rest of us tried to ignore them and watch the movie.
  3. Its awkward going out with Sue and Rob. They keep getting all lovey-dovey ignoring everything else, and you end up feeling embarrassed.
  4. Around sunset the river front is full of love struck couples getting all lovey-dovey with each other.
  5. I always used to think that Dan was a very reserved person, but after watching him get lovey-dovey with his girlfriend at the club, I think there’s another side to him.
  6. They are always holding hands and kissing in public. They are a lovey-dovey couple.

The phrase originated sometime during the mid 1700s to early 1800s. The dove bird is sometimes used as a symbol of love, and also rhymes with love, so it is just a combination of these two words. The “y” is added at the end to make it sound cuter.

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