blind as a bat
as blind as a bat The phrase has multiple meanings used both in context of its literal, as well as idiomatic use. Meaning | Synonyms unconscious to something ... Read on
look forward
look forward to Meaning to eagerly await something to be excited about something that is going to happen the term can also be used in its literal form ... Read on
a sight for sore eyes
a sight for sore eyes Meaning a way of saying that you are happy to see someone a way of expressing that you think someone is good looking ... Read on
blowing smoke
blowing smoke Synonyms | Variants blows smoke in your face blows smoke in your eyes Meaning to intentionally misinform or deceive when someone is just making plans without ... Read on
throw dust in eyes
throw dust in eyes Meaning: - to confuse or mislead somebody to deceive - make a fool of Examples: 1. She threw dust in the eyes of the ... Read on
turn a blind eye
turn a blind eye Meaning | Synonyms deliberately overlook to intentionally ignore something ignoring the objectionable affair of someone or something to disregard someone/something and pretend to be ... Read on
crocodile tears
crocodile tears Variants shed crocodile tears weep crocodile tears cry crocodile tears Meaning | Synonyms fake cry fake tears of regret shed phony tears of sorrow crying of grief that are ... Read on

Idiom of the Day

wrap in cotton wool
wrap in cotton wool Meaning: protect somebody too much without allowing them to be independent enough. Example: The mother wrapped the child up in cotton wool as if ... Read on


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