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keep your eyes peeled

Meaning: to be on alert and aware of something.

Example: I regularly keep my eyes peeled to identify any new opportunities that come my way at the company. Read more ➺

on the blink

Meaning: to be malfunctioning or not operating correctly.

Example: The computer is on the blink again; I really need to check whether there's a virus causing problems. Read more ➺

blue eyed boy

Meaning: a person who is treated with special favor.

Example: Managers at Apple have been trained against having blue-eyed boys. Read more ➺

bull’s eye

Meaning: the center of a target

Example: It can't hurt to go right for the bull's eye - there's nothing wrong with getting things right the first time. Read more ➺

eye candy

Meaning: attractive visually but uninteresting in other ways

Example: The company website was pure eye candy because it looks good, but nothing is interesting when you dig deeper. Read more ➺

not believe eyes

Meaning: shock or surprise at something you see or hear

Example: My fiancĂ© is with someone else - I can't believe my eyes. Read more ➺

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