butterflies in stomach


butterflies in stomach

Meaning | Synonyms

  • to feel very nervous and restless
  • to experience the anxiety, generally before when you are going to do something

Butterflies in the stomach also refers to a strange physical movement of something like gas, liquid or food, with a trembling sensation in the stomach and ironically this sensation may be a symptom of social anxiety disorder.

Example Sentences

  1. He had butterflies in his stomach as he walked out onto the stage for his dance performance.
  2. My first solo piano recital is tomorrow evening, I already have butterflies in my stomach.
  3. Standing in the crowd, waiting for my favourite band to take the stage, I have butterflies in my stomach.
  4. Tomorrow is my first day at a new school, I have butterflies in my stomach. I hope that I am able to find all of my classes.
  5. He had butterflies in his stomach while waiting for the results of his exam.
  6. The bride had butterflies in her stomach as she got ready to walk down the aisle.


The first recorded use of the phrase is from 1908:

“… gave him a sad feeling, as if he had a butterfly in his stomach.”

The phrase, as we use it today was first used in 1943 by Bill Gardener describing his first training jump as a paratrooper:

“I landed all right and although I’ll always have butterflies in my stomach every time I go up …”

It is believed that the feeling is caused by small spasms in the stomach that is experienced in times of stress or excitement. The phrase is simply a description of the feeling that is experienced.

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