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grit one’s teeth

Meaning: to act bravely and courageously in a challenging situation.

Example: Tom gritted his teeth, overcame his fear of heights, and climbed the ladder. Read more ➺

rainbow baby

Meaning: a baby that was born after a previous pregnancy loss.

Example: Finally, Noah was their rainbow baby after several miscarriages. Read more ➺

poles apart

Meaning: completely different and opposite.

Example: In personality and culture, the couple are poles apart. Read more ➺


Meaning: used to describe a cowardly and weak person.

Example: There is no place for a lily-livered soldier in The United States Army. Read more ➺

charley horse

Meaning: a cramp or stiffness in the leg or arm.

Example: We had to stop midway and call for help because of a charley horse in my foot. Read more ➺

hold your feet to the fire

Meaning: insist that someone fulfill their promises or obligations.

Example: The management will hold your feet to the fire to ensure that you fulfill the project deadline. Read more ➺

sweet tooth

Meaning: a great fondness for sweet-tasting foods.

Example: My niece has a sweet tooth, as she continually begs me to make her something sugary. Read more ➺

face to face

Meaning: meeting or seeing someone in person.

Example: We need to have a face-to-face meeting in order to sort out this issue. Read more ➺

arrive in a body

Meaning: arrive with unity as a group.

Example: The office became too noisy when all the employees arrived in a body. Read more ➺

drag feet (or heels)

Meaning: to do something slowly because you do not want to do it.

Example: I suspect the government is dragging its heels over this issue. Read more ➺