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bundle of nerves

Meaning: anxious

Example: The robbery was a frightening experience. Since then, I have been a bundle of nerves. Read more ➺

cool your jets

Meaning: to calm down and stop being so anxious or elated.

Example: Even though she wronged you, just cool your jets, and you will be fine. Read more ➺

nail biter

Meaning: a situation like a close contest, which induces anxiety or tension.

Example: Friday's nail-biter of a win over the Houston Texans was an excruciating contest. Read more ➺

like a cat on a hot tin roof

Meaning: in a state of agitation.

Example: The coach acted like a cat on a hot tin roof throughout the game. Read more ➺

screw up

Meaning: slang depicting that a mistake was made

Example: I really screwed up this time. My wife will never forgive me for forgetting her birthday. Read more ➺

butterflies in stomach

Meaning: to feel very nervous and restless

Example: He had butterflies in his stomach as he walked out onto the stage for his dance performance. Read more ➺

ants in pants

Meaning: be extremely restless

Example: The young students just can't sit still; they must have ants in their pants. Read more ➺