blind as a bat


as blind as a bat

The phrase has multiple meanings used both in context of its literal, as well as idiomatic use.

Meaning | Synonyms

  • unconscious to something
  • unable to recognize problems or bad things.
  • you can use this idiom to refer to someone who refuses to notice an obvious thing
  • someone is blind as a bat is unable to see at all (literal meaning)
  • having poor vision or bad eyesight (literal meaning)

This phrase can also be used in those situations where a certain behavior of a person is not noticeable or not willing to be recognized by the other person (Its usage is quoted in 5th example.)

Examples Sentences

  1. Maria is so in love, she is as blind as a bat when it comes to Mark’s rude behavior.
  2. Jenny’s husband is as blind as a bat even when he knows that she is having an extramarital affair.
  3. I have such a lousy eyesight that at the time of diagnosis, I was called as a blind as a bat by the ophthalmologist.
  4. Even was Lauren was so rude to his colleagues, his boss gave him promotion because he was as blind as a bat to see his behavior affecting other people.
  5. Ross is as blind as a bat when it comes to Emma’s disgraceful behavior.
  6. My grandfather was so ignorant on his vision that at the age of 70, he was as blind as a bat.


When someone having a faulty vision, we can allude it as blind as a bat. Talking about its origin it comes in the class of idioms derived from animals. This is a figure of speech that based on the assumption that bats cannot see properly.

Before the 21st century, people used to believe that bats are blind because of their meandering flight pattern. However, in reality, they use to navigate long distances through a process called echolocation. This assumption about bats later developed as an idiom with different meanings and today it’s used in the context of someone who has terrible eyesight or someone who can’t see even an obvious thing.

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