black mood

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black mood
also, dark mood


  • to be angry, irritable or in a temper
  • be down, gloomy or depressed
  • feel sad, miserable, melancholic or fed up

Example Sentences

  1. Geoff was in one of his black moods today, and no amount of cajoling could snap him out of it.
  2. My father suffered from black moods as he got older. Sometimes they lasted for days on end.
  3. I could feel a black mood creeping over me, so I put some rock music on the car radio and sang along to clear my head.
  4. When the share price dropped yesterday, all of the staff were in such a black mood.
  5. The exam results were shockingly low this year, and the headmaster was in a really black mood after they were made public.
  6. Phil was in a black mood for weeks after his car was stolen and his girlfriend dumped him for his best friend.
  7. The captain is in a dark mood for not winning the match.
  8. The good news helped dispel the dark mood dominating villagers earlier in the day.
  9. Sorry. I’m in a dark mood these days.
  10. When we repeatedly talk about negative situations, we can feed a dark mood.


Given that black has historically been a colour associated with darkness, doom and death, this informal phrase has long been used to describe a multitude of negative feelings, from anger to sadness and depression. No evidence of a timeline can be found.

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Whenever I am in a black mood, I recall all the things I’m grateful for.

‒ Aditi February 8, 2021

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