broken heart


broken heart


  • break someone’s heart
  • heartbroken
  • brokenhearted

Meaning | Synonyms

  • when a person is emotionally sad or grief-stricken, then it’s broken hearted
  • it is primarily used to specify the loss of a loved one
  • it refers to a romantic loss or breaks up
  • often when a romantic relationship is ended, we use the phrase “broken heart”
  • it’s an idiom which is used to express the sadness when someone beloved leaves you
  • inconsolable
  • forlorn
  • without hope
  • despairing
  • dejected

Example Sentences

  1. I know he broke your heart, but there are other boys out there who are better than him.
  2. If the verdict is proved guilty, it will break her mother’s heart
  3. He scored such an awful score in the exam, that it broke my heart.
  4. The sudden death of my grandfather broke my heart.
  5. It really broke my heart when he confessed that he loves someone else.
  6. He broke my heart by saying that I look grotesque.
  7. Don’t worry. Your broken heart will heal with the passage of item.


A broken heart, also known as “heartbreak” is a metaphor for the extreme emotional and physical distress caused by the pain one feels at experience longing for someone you broke up with. Its usage dates back to at least 3000 years ago.

Emotional pain which gets severe can cause broken heart syndrome, which causes physical damages to the heart (often termed as “heartache”). The heart is called the plethora of emotions; hence the broken heart is considered an emotional breakdown.

The idiom “to break someone’s heart” and the adjective “heartbroken” is the alternative forms of this idiom.

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Could you also provide from which cultural literature origin this phase came from? Or show me where I could get it? Thanks for the given info.

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