bona fide


bona fide


  • to be genuine, verified
  • to be real
  • to not have any intent to deceive
  • often refers to documentation’s authentication
  • to be unadulterated and valid
  • to be legal, sound and legitimate
  • to be straight and proper
  • in good faith, without any malicious intent
  • to be honest and sincere

Example Sentences

  1. The text on this website is bona fides, always.
  2. The court always believes that the person act bona fides.
  3. This is a bona fide sample of the handwriting of the prince from the17th.
  4. I need to secure a bona fide statement of the intent to sell this place before I can put it up.
  5. She decided to take up acting as a career and became the first bona fide actress with an Indian origin in the United States.
  6. This film is going to be a bona fide After all, it comes from a great story teller.
  7. The Google says, “We gives priority to the bona fides content and text on a website.”
  8. The new immigration policy is implemented so blindly that it sometimes leads to rejection of bona fide political refugees.


The origin of this phrase is from the Latin American language with literally translated to “in good faith“. The existence of the phrase has been since the 1540’s. The phrase became a part of the US legislature from which it has evolved into its current use. It is usually placed as an adverb or an adjective. The opposite of bona fide is male fide.

See also: good faith

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