better late than never


better late than never

Meaning | Synonyms

  • it is better for somebody or something to be late than never to arrive or to happen
  • it is better to do something late than to not/never do it at all
  • it is better to arrive late to an event than not to show up

Example Sentence

  1. All of us have been waiting for you for two hours – but better late than never.
  2. I know that it took me weeks to send the letter, but better late than never.
  3. It took me three years to complete the training course but better late than never, right?
  4. He showed up for the wedding when they were already cutting the cake. Better late than never, I suppose.
  5. Better late than never, former Clay star Berger to throw out first pitch at Indians game.
  6. I was thinking that you will not come to my help anymore – anyways, better late than never.
  7. A friend of mine has passed 12th grade after failing since 5 years in a row – well it’s better late than never.


The proverb was first recorded in 1200. It appeared in several collections of English proverbs.

The first time the phrase appears in print in English was in “The Yeoman’s Tale from The Canterbury Tales” by Geoffrey Chaucer published in 1386.

“For better than never is late; never to succeed would be too long a period.”

The Latin phrase ‘potiusque sero quam numquam’ which translates as “better late than never” was used in History of Rome, written around 27 BCby Titus Livius.

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For those people driving fast to get somewhere on time, you should tell them better late than never.

‒ Khashayar December 9, 2020

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