look before you leap

look before you leap

Meaning | Synonyms

  • to make sure that everything is alright before doing something important which you cannot revert
  • to think of the consequences of one’s actions before taking them
  • to imagine the likely effect before making crucial verdict
  • to calculate the possible consequences before taking immense action

Example Sentences

  1. You better check out the costs that you will have to incur through the duration of this lawsuit before filling it. It is always better to look before you leap.
  2. I had asked him to look before he leaped when he was planning to buy those stocks. Look what he has got himself into now!
  3. The girl rally should have looked before she leaped into this marriage!
  4. My children know very well to look before they leap into such business deals. They have learnt about the business from the best after all, me!
  5. The family was asked to look before they leap into buying this house. People in the village say that it is haunted by the ghost of the lady that lived here many years back.
  6. It is better to look before you leap when taking such political stands these days. You never know who is on your side and who will cause you harm for it.


The phrase has been the moral of the story for many child stories including Aesop’s fable which was about a fox which fell into a well and since he was unable to climb out he convinced a goat to jump in.


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6 Thoughts

Get more appropriate meaning to have better narration & English writing after this.

- Unaty February 12, 2019

It help me very much thanxx for who have posted it

- Arnav Baghel February 10, 2019

‘look before you leap’ means:

  1. be ready
  2. be amazed
  3. beware
  4. be successful

- Sazzad Hossain November 24, 2018

It is true because I am having experiences

- Bhagya August 7, 2018

These is so much better than the one I saw before, it helps me a lot thanks!

- Mary June 15, 2018

It is true as l have searched a lot to get my answer

- S.B June 1, 2018

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