• to be made to suffer or bear the punishment for someone else

Example Sentences

  1. The fellow has always been a scapegoat since he is the youngest of the four siblings.
  2. I used to be treated like a scapegoat in my team because I had less experience but I know better now.
  3. You cannot treat your little brother like a scapegoat every time you do something wrong.
  4. I know that he is just a scapegoat and that the person who is really behind all this has left the country a long time back.
  5. Real investigators are able to identify a scapegoat as soon as they see one. They are the victims that need to be saved.
  6. She worked as a scapegoat for most parts of her career while her employer was the actual culprit.
  7. He is being as the scapegoat for the betterment of his brother’s political career.
  8. My children often use each other as a scapegoat. They tend to keep a count and have a system of returning the favours too. Can you believe that?


The phrase has come into existence between the years 1520 to 1530 and is a popular phrase used in parlance even today.

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The term comes from a religion. Once a year in communities, they would have a scapegoat. They would tie red ribbon, or the like, and send the goat off to die. The red linen was supposed to represent the sins of the community and the goat would bare those sins and die. I know right.

‒ Adam April 13, 2023

Wow so many different ways to put scapegoat in a sentence.

‒ Ashlynn January 26, 2018

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